C´est Honey´s Bohdi von den Hohenheimer Herdern

aka Little Man | aka "the Bear Hunter"

HD: A1ED: 0/0 LÜW: 0 | DM: N/N = frei, da beide Eltern N/N | SCDA 1&2: N/N = frei, da beide Eltern N/N

kbr/kbr = reinerbig gestromt, da beide Eltern kbr/kbr


Wurftag: 07.03.2018 um 22:32Uhr

Gewicht: 20,00kg (07.09.2018)

Schulterhöhe: 58,8cm (07.09.2018)

Mutter: Baya´s Honeymoon von den Hohenheimer Herdern

Vater: Chateaubriand Vikomt Wapini von Folge

Our sweet boy is six months old!


It is hard believe that it was long ago when we first visited him at Hohenheimer Herder. We are very happy with our decision to work with Sharleena and would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in the breed.

We picked him because we recognized that he was a thinker. As a baby, he enjoyed naps but when he was awake he put much thought into his actions. He enjoys challenging his mind with problem solving.


We have begun tracking with him and he is doing well. He has also had his first Mondioring training and is very eager to conduct protection training. Bodhi is a natural swimmer and loves to play in the water! We have begun dock-diving lessons and are excited to see how he progresses. He has even helped teach our older dog to swim!

When in a new environment, he looks to us for guidance but is confident. He is good with new dogs and not aggressive.


Bodhi has a very calm demeanor. However, he does enjoy hunting deer and bear so that has been a challenge to our training… Because of this, he has been given the nickname “Bodhi the bear hunter”.  Thankfully, he will come running back when he hears a whistle.


We take him on many hikes and he is very agile. He has even conquered his first Colorado 14er (a mountain over 4200 meters high)! He is protective of his house but is not aggressive with new guests.


We are very excited to see him grow!

Bodhi’s hobbies:

  • Working for his breakfast
  • Chasing his sister
  • Chasing bear
  • Chasing deer.. really, casing anything that runs from him…
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Snuggling on the bed
  • Car rides





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