Flauschi´s Peach von den Hohenheimer Herdern

aka Peachy


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Wurftag: 28.06.2019 um 02:31 Uhr

Gewicht: 13,6kg (25.12.2019)

Schulterhöhe: 51cm (25.12.2019)

Mutter: Herder Little Devils´A winner is Athuma

Vater: PepPeo van´t Noorder Erf

So in love with my Peach! She steals the hearts of many.


She has a very playful attitude. She is always wanting my older DS to play with her or has her toys out to chew on. When it is time to settle she has lots of patients without bark or cry.

She adjusts to any situation with no problem. She is very brave to new things and noises without hesitation. Has shown good protective instinct.

Also has a cuddle side to her. She sure is a sweet heart. She will play and cuddle with the cats and loves to play with children. She is very good minded around the horses and is aware where she should and should not be.

She is very food motivated as well. Attention span is short but learns quick and is looking to please.

I couldn’t be happier with her!





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