Honey´s Oliver von den Hohenheimer Herdern 

aka Olli

Wurftag: 10.10.2020 



Mutter: Baya´s Honeymoon von den Hohenheimer Herdern

Vater: Frabalyja's Fiks

Meet Oliver, or as we like to call him, our perfect family addition.


When I first met Oliver he was known as the "black collar". He was the first puppy who ran to me and stayed on my lap allowing me to pet him for a few minutes, so of course that made me feel like we had a bond. As weeks went on and puppies grew bigger, Sharleena suggested that Oliver and one other puppy maybe a good fit for our family. My husband and I have 3 boys and at that point Sharleena was kind enough to allow us to bring the kids around and see how they will do with the puppies and how puppies will do with them. The 'black collar" seemed to be the most interested in us! He came around the most, wasn't afraid of the kids and was very curious and playful so we were over the moon when we were told that he will be ours.


Now at almost 6 months, Oliver is a loving hurricane. To this day my most favorite thing about him is how amazing he is with the kids. He is extremely energetic and always on the move, but he tries his best to always be gentle with the kids. He always gives up the toy, tugs gently, and lays down when they come up so they can rub his belly. He loves to give kisses and stay by your side no matter what you are doing. Oliver is the perfect companion who wants to be a part of everything! He is very enthusiastic about walks, hikes, training or just learning something new. I've also never met a dog smarter than my little hurricane boy, it only takes him one time to pick up on something new so teaching him things is a pleasure! We are so happy he is ours and we are looking forward to many many adventures with him!





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