Flauschi´s Iggy von den Hohenheimer Herdern

aka Jagger | aka Bear


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Wurftag: 28.06.2019 um 01:14 Uhr

Gewicht: 15kg (25.12.2019)

Schulterhöhe: 60cm (25.12.2019)

Mutter: Herder Little Devils´A winner is Athuma

Vater: PepPeo van´t Noorder Erf

My given name is Iggy, named after my human pack's Canadian hockey idol Jarome Iginla (Iggy). They now affectionately call me Jagger because one of my human sisters does not like Iggy.
I traveled very far with my sister Peach to be in my forever home...all the way from Stuttgart Germany to Burlington Ontario Canada. A ten hour plane ride was no problem but a 10 minute car ride is torture. I get really sick but I am getting better. I have to get over car sickness so I can hike with my humans. We have lots of great parks and lakes and creeks nearby that we can walk to in the meantime.

I am a very sweet, smart, good boy and am the star of my puppy classes. I graduate from level 1 very soon. I love balls, toys that squeak and treats. I have made lots of dog friends from the neighbourhood and dog park. Never met a cat yet. Not sure how that will go. Squirrels drive me crazy and there are so many. I guard our house really well.

I am a very rare breed here in North America. Almost everyday someone thinks I am a wolf or coyote. My colouring is exceptional. My mum and dad hope to breed me someday.

Thank you Sharleena for giving me the best start in life! I learned so much from you and came home a well mannered and behaved boy. You loved me first and want you to know that I am getting lots of love here too. Please come visit me someday!





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