Da Sunny´s Ryker von den Hohenheimer Herdern

aka Ry | aka RyRy | Rytchou

HD: A1ED: 0/0 LÜW: 0DM: N/N = frei, da beide Eltern N/N | SCDA 1&2: N/N = frei, da beide Eltern N/N

kbr/kbr = reinerbig gestromt, da beide Eltern kbr/kbr


Wurftag: 16.05.2018 um 05:54Uhr

Gewicht: 22kg (11.11.2018)

Schulterhöhe: 58,5cm (11.11.2018)

Mutter: Baya´s Sunshine von den Hohenheimer Herdern

Vater: Grog von Carolus Magnus

Ryker is my first dutch shepherd and he made me fall in love with the breed even more. As a puppy, he was always very curious and wanted to see and hear everything, and that still hasn’t changed a bit!


He only has eyes for me and loves to cuddle and have long hugs, he thinks he is a real lap-dog, heavy but still very cute. He enjoys sleeping next to me in the sofa while watching tv but when he is awake, all he wants is action.


We are following the obedience classes and Ry is a perfect student, he learns very fast and enjoys it. We also started NVDV in Belgium, he really likes it. When we go to new places, he looks to me for guidance but is confident and curious. Ryker is good with new dogs and not aggressive, he always wants to play and is always happy to meet new dogs.


He is very kind to all living creatures, humans, dogs, cats, children,... but at the same time he is very protective of our house and of me.


Ryker loves to swim, car rides, being on the train, showering, long walks,... he likes everything as long as he can be by my side.


He is such a wonderfull boy and I’m so gratefull to have him in my life!





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