Flauschi´s Foxy von den Hohenheimer Herdern

aka Fox | aka Lillemor | aka Plutte | aka Pidi

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Wurftag: 27.06.2019 um 21:10 Uhr

Gewicht: 14,5kg (25.12.2019)

Schulterhöhe: 50cm (25.12.2019)

Mutter: Herder Little Devils´A winner is Athuma

Vater: PepPeo van´t Noorder Erf

I were looking for a dog I could train / compete with in Rally obedience, and together with Sharleena I think we have found the right individual. 

She really likes to work. She loves all rewards, toys and food. She likes to challenge the mind with problem solving, and is quick to figure out how to get the treats.


It`s only 2.5 months since she came to Norway, so we have`t started with so much yet, but we have started with some simple exercises in Rally obedience, and she is just SOOO fun to train with. I can't wait to continue. 

She`s also excellent at recall, and we have practiced a bit on tracking with her too, and it looks good. She has a wonderful nose (bit high pace in the tracks still). She has some challenges with concentration in training, and in everyday life, she has to inspect each sound and everything that happens around her all the time. She's just curious. This is something we work with, adding some distractions and simple exercises so that she gets a sense of mastering.


In everyday life she needs a little help to unplug / calm down, otherwise she follows me, the kids and our other dog all the time.

Foxy is not afraid of anything in the environment, very confident. She's still a little unsure of new dogs at first (just the first minute) and then it's just fun and play. She`s absolutely sure of people, everyone we have met so far.


We`ve had a lot of walks in the woods of course, and she loves to run with Amira (our other Dutch shepherd dog) and other dog friends she has. Splashing in dirt ponds, tearing up roots and trees, chasing birds or squirrel... yes life is wonderful for a "little" puppy.


Foxy's hobbies:

  • Working for her breakfast
  • Practice Rally obedience
  • Track exercises
  • Absolutely loves diging in the sand box and dig up the lawn ( even though she`s not alowed).
  • Hunting and chase Amira
  • Play fetch
  • Hiking
  • Chewing on bones
  • Enjoy time in the bed and couch





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